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anybody sparying roundup and liberty? what are your rates?


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Appreciate all the answers

Trying 28 and 28

3 # Ams

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32oz liberty


20 gal/acre

But yes, hot and sunny days seem to be the key

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38oz liberty

6.4oz corn killer

6.4oz hook/surfactant

4.25 lbs/acre



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I find that much like the above that lots of sunlight for liberty does an awesome job even on grass. But it needs a couple hours of time to sit on the leaf before dew or rain.... this year that has been difficult.

Interesting about the rdup and liberty combo statement. I’d like to hear more about the combo and why it’s less effective than only 1 herbicide alone.


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I was at a field day last year where they sprayed only roundup on one section, only liberty on the next section, and combined liberty and roundup on the third. Kill was better on roundup by itself and liberty by itself than it was with the two combined.

I was told Liberty is a contact herbicide that will burn off anything it gets in contact with, and any roundup that hits the same leaf is rendered...


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Liberty doesn’t work worth a damn without good clear sunlight and hot atleast in my experiences with it . I ran a sprayer for a co op for a couple years and had to be very picky on what days we would run it otherwise we would get mixed results


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I tried this for the first time this year on my double crop soybeans for a burndown. I had awful results at 29 oz generic liberty + 29 oz generic 5lb glyphosate.....almost all of the grass survived. I never have trouble killing grasses with generic glyphosate, until i mixed with liberty


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32 oz liberty

4 oz corn killer

3 lb ams

20 gallons per acre


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24 oz here as well. Most liberty and generics are labeled at 22- 29 ounce. If there is heavy weed pressure though, I go up to top rate. 5 lb glyphosate I spray at 22-24 ounces


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Roundup powermax at 22 oz, Liberty at 32 oz...Killer Combination for emerged anything! (as long as it's hot and sunny)


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24 oz each