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South Dakota land values

I’ve inherited a farm in Aurora county South Dakota but live in Tennessee. Can anyone give me a rough estimate of price per acre for farm land there or can you recommend a good appraiser? Thanks


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I don’t know where in Aurora county the land is at but if you sold it already fine but I will entertain the conversation of trying to buy it

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How many acres ? Home, outbuildings ?

Verified FBN Member (IL) if you set up an account can get more detailed reports. They are usually under on current market prices.

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Famers National out of Oneil NE Ask for ***********

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I don't know where exactly the land is in Aurora county, but if you are interested, I farm in Douglas(adjacent county to the south) and woul...


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Have you asked the current renter/tenant? Some would say that the sale price should be set by that life long caretaker (renter/farmer). Th...



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"Some would say that the sale price should be set by that renter" I do not think anybody really says that.

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I own a farm management and real estate brokerage company and manage some farms not far from there. I'd be happy to help you out if needed.

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looks like average is 115 per acre.


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Thanks *******, I should have been more clear. Looking for estimates of sales price per acre not rent prices.

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