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Pros and cons of a 2004 John Deere 4710 Self Propelled sprayer?

Sprayer has around 5500 hours, 1300 on a reman motor.

Guess I’m wondering how many more hours can a guy really expect of the life of the machine ex: wheel motors etc?

I’ll be putting 100 to 150 hours on it a year.

First sprayer trying to avoid paying the co-op 5-6 bucks an acre.


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Your big savings is with the chemical you buy from BFN

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We run are John Deere sprayers up to 4000 to 7000 hrs. Have gotten along fine. We put 700 hours a year on. If don’t have trouble you’ll be...


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Probably just as cheap to stay with co-op. That’s a lot of hours on that machine. We’ve had several JD sprayers over the years and with that...


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