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Does anyone use a time clock type app to help manage your part time or hourly employees? Thanks!

An app like Clockify... I'm hoping for something free but would be willing to pay a little for an app.


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Just started using a uPunch time clock, works good, really simple and it calculates each day’s total and weekly total

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We use ADP and it syncs right up with Payroll. Very simple to use.


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Time clock in shop and Verizon hums on pickups for tracking and diagnostics

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We use home base and been happy with it. Pretty simple and easy to use

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I use On The Clock. Reasonably priced. Works well. Has quite a few options. Tracks location,etc…

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Time works plus, after verification you can send right to the payroll outfit and all the info they need is there

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I’ve been using UAttend for years. I think it’s around $25 per month for the smallest plan. Well worth it in my opinion. Lots of clock in options… a supervisor can group punch for everyone, they can do it themselves on the app, you can buy a physical time clock where they can punch in their code, and I think there is also an option to call in. On the app, you can set permissions to where they can ...


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I have used an android app called Timesheet just to keep track of my own time. The app is free, but there is an option to purchase additional web features. Never found the need for that for my use, but I wasn't keeping employee time. Assuming you can just have them track their own time and report it to you then that might work on the free version

Timesheet - Time Tracker


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Clockshark. Easy simple and priced reasonably. Employees can select from different tasks that make keeping ranches and jobs easy to track expenses on. Also you can make your own clock out questions for example an employee can answer yes or no to being injured on the job that day.


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Dad uses Time Station App for his full and part time employees. Not sure what the costs are but he seems to get along alright with it and it’s easy for the employees to use. They can either clock in using a pin code or a provided card with a QR code on it. One of the things he likes the most is it’ll show location if an employee tries to clock in or out from home. A co-op I used to work for used A...



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Thanks - any opinion on which is best? I’m only looking for something that works for maybe up to 5 employees.

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On The Clock




Time Clock Wizard