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For Sale

John Deere 9770 • $86,000

John Deere 9770 STS

- 3311/2340 Hours

- Pro Drive transmission

- All Service records available, annual inspections at John Deere

- Second owner machine

- 520/85R42 duals, 480/70R30

- Crary Big top grain bin extension

- Field ready

- Very good condition

- Bracket for 2630

- Call ************

John Deere 9770
Year: 2010
Condition: Used - Good
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I’m looking for a used combine, but from what I’ve seen on the auction sites this machine is priced on the high end of the market. If you have room in your asking price I’d like to talk. Thanks

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Hey we have a 9770 for sale.. With less hours.. Been inspected have records for it and is a very clean or text ************ if you interested and well tell you more about it..

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Have a uncle that lives in Nebraska so we get up there every now and then!

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Well I would encourage you to look at it and see what we have.

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