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Any pics of how F2F genetics are performing this year?

2.9 Channel xtend bean on the left and 2.9 FBN R1 bean on the right. Split planter across the field hoping for a good test. FBN beans were dinged with dicamba early on and thought for sure they were out of the fight. Both plants pictured have 106 pods. Yes that was coincidental. Paid over $50/unit for the channel and after promotion only $20/unit for FBN. Seeing a lot of good things this year with F2F genetics.

Any pics of how F2F genetics are performing this year?


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FBN conventional 99 day on top , Enestvedts conventional 99 day on the bottom. A lot of difference between the two, supposed to be the same day. FBN was difficult to plant , very uneven seed size. Will be interesting to harvest.


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Relative maturity does not mean much. Compare Dekalb and Pioneer in the same day length and the Pioneer will be later nearly every time. Need to look at GDU's to black layer to get a "more" accurate idea, as some judge that differently as well (from emergence vs from planting).

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Dryland FBN MB-T159 at 27,500 pop. The numbers are what was harvested today in a small field.