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Anyone with experience with humic acid?

I wanted to try humic this year either in furrow or out the back with UAN. I've had constant trouble from initial in furrow reacted with starter fertilizer zinc I think, then I tried jar test with UAN and it sludged up a little, finally just had humic and water and a biological and it seems like the humic gets trapped in a 50 mesh filter. After lots of headaches I just pulled the 50 mesh and then it ran fine, just wanting anyone's help to know rates/etc.? was going to run 1 gpa of 16 percent humic (FBN Nhabit build) with 15 gap of UAN out back, maybe my problem is literally my 50 mesh screen? I use orifice disks to regulate flow, so the initial zinc/humic settling I think would plug a disk, and now without any metals to react with I just don't even run a screen which is risky haha..


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Take a look at Agzyme products for humic acid. I've used Agzyme for 8 years and Enhance gave me 16% yield increase.

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I run sp1 2 gallon/acre mix in popup(9-18-3)

Does seem to prmote root growth. Had serious drought in 2020 and really questioned its value



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I have been having great luck with Monty’s Liquid Carbon. Most humics over 1 gallon use rate are not active, and essentially you are just ru...


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Have you tried metering tube from surefire ag?

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