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LOOKING TO BUY A strip till setup 8r30 $1

Would prefer an 8R30 or a 16R30 but open to all options W/WO fertilizer set up. Located in SW OK

Year: 2021
Condition: Used - Good


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I have been working with a guy near Galesburg, Illinois.....***************......."Peterson Performance" ...used to be called Niffty Ag...... Manufacturer..... I run his row units and think they are very good for the money. Simple units.. work good. ************

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Western equipment has two Krause gladiators that I traded in, 16 row 30...pretty decent shape

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***** - not sure if this is what you’re looking for but I work for this guy and the equipment is top notch. Hope it’s helpful.

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Buy kruse gladiator only we tried them all it’s the best to plant on next year