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Phosphate fertilizer, got a quote over 900.00. If you can get it, they said. What are you paying?

Be careful if you're picking up more land and need extra fertilizer. N is climbing faster than Natural gas.


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11-52-00 $950 two wks ago in MB.

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$650-$700 in SD

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I recieved a quote for $600 a ton as well this week in Iowa for fall application. I believe prices will come back down this year, wait a few...


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Got a quote for $600 a ton for phosphate this week

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Got a quote for 11-51 pre-pay going to be $805/ton, Retailer told me forecasting $1200/ton spring price. Booked NH3 for $1090/ ton delivered...


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Booked mine few weeks ago for $735/ton

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