Annual Sedge

Every product that labels ANNUAL SEDGE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Alligare Dicamba 2,4-D DMAAquesta™ 4 FAquesta™ MTZAuthority® AssistAuthority® Edge HerbicideAuthority® EliteAuthority® First DFAuthority® MTZ DFAuthority® Supreme HerbicideBasagran® T&O herbicideBiscayne™Blanket® 4F HerbicideBlanket® HerbicideBlindside® HerbicideBoycott™ HerbicideBrash®Broadloom® HerbicideBurnMaster™ HerbicideCelero® HerbicideCelsius® XtraCertainty® Turf HerbicideCertainty® Turf HerbicideCompensaDicam De-Ester®Dicamba De-Amine®Diverge™ ECEsplAnade® 200 SCEsplAnade® 200 SCFreeHand® 1.75G herbicideHM-1512 AGHyvar® XHyvar® XHyvar® X CropIntensaKatana® Turf HerbicideLatigo®Marengo®Marengo®Marengo® GMaxunitech Carfentrazone + Sulfentrazone SEMaxunitech Sulfentrazone 4 SC HerbicideMetalliS™ BDXMetsulMoccasin™Moccasin™ II PlusMonument® 75WGOrissa 4Pennant MAGNUM®Phoenix Starfighter® 2GPreview™ 2.1 SC HerbicideRange Star®Range Star® XLTRejuvra®Rejuvra™Rezilon®Rezilon®Rifle®-DRonstar® 50 WSPRonstar® FloRonstar® GSaddle-Up®Scorch™Shutdown® HerbicideSinbar® WDGSolanil 80EDFSolicam® DF HerbicideSolicam® DF HerbicideSonic® HerbicideSpartan® 4FSpartan® ChargeSpartan® FL 4FSpecticle® FloSpecticle® GSpike® 80DF Specialty HerbicideSpiruS™Spitfire™ HerbicideStam® 80 EDFStam® 80 EDF-CAStam® 80 EDF-CAStam® 80 EDF-CA Water Soluble PackagingStam® M4Stam® M4 HerbicideSulfentrazone 4LSulfin® 4SCTower® HerbicideTribute® TotalVibrantWeedmaster® HerbicideWhistle™Willowood Propanil 4ECWillowood Propanil 4SCWillowood Propanil 4SC (CA)Willowood Propanil 80CHSWillowood Sulfen 4SCWillowood Sulfen CloranWillowood Sulfen ImazWillowood Sulfen MetWillowood Sulfentrazone 4SCWillowood Sulfentrazone AssistZeus® HerbicideZeus® Prime XCZeus® XCZone 4FZone AssistZone DefenseZone Elite