FBN Mineral Bag
Farmers Business Network, Inc.

FBN Gro-Dev Min 12:4 MON1600, 1 Ton (40 Bags)

Type: FD - Mineral

Active Ingredient(s): monensin (1600 g/ton)


$1,083.49 ($0.54/lb)


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Product details

Mineral for Stocker or Heifer/Bull Development

  • FBN GRO-DEV MIN 12:4 R1600 is formulated for growing calves fed forage-based diets.

  • Minerals and fat-soluble vitamins are supplied to meet or exceed predicted requirements. Trace minerals are added in hydroxychloride form to ensure availability and prevent antagonism from sulfur or other compounds.

  • Ionophores are added to improve metabolizable energy of the diet and increased amino acid availability. Plant essential oils can be substituted to improve rumen function and provide a natural alternative to ionophores.