Prefix® Herbicide

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Prefix® Herbicide



Active Ingredient(s): Fomesafen, Sodium salt (0.95 lbs/gal); S-metolachlor (4.34 lbs/gal)

Other products to consider
Drift Reduction Recommended - Nonionic Surfactant Required for post applications

Use Field Grip™ DRA ($0.25-$1.50/A) to reduce off target drift and penetrate the crop canopy. Use IN-Plant™ ADV ($0.25-$1.50/A) as a more efficacious, lower rate crop oil alternative to improve penetration into the crop canopy and leaf surface. NIS only in post applications. Dependent on tank mix partners in burndown applications

FieldGrip™ DRA
FieldGrip™ DRA
Product details
Active ingredients
  • Fomesafen, Sodium salt (0.95 Pounds/Gallon)
  • S-metolachlor (4.34 Pounds/Gallon)
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