Equipment Purchase Checklist

Download the free equipment buying guide from FBN® Finance.

Guide to Buying Farm Equipment

The right farm equipment helps you maximize crop yields, minimize labor costs and unlock your farm’s full potential.

Optimize Your Operation with the Right Farm Equipment

Whether you’re buying new equipment directly from a manufacturer or searching for used equipment through a local auction or online marketplace, you’re often faced with a wealth of options that can make it overwhelming to know where to start. 

The free Equipment Purchase Checklist from FBN Finance is designed to walk you through the process of making a farm equipment purchase, including how to:

  • Budget: How to determine your budget to ensure your ag operation stays financially stable.

  • Decide: Select between new or used equipment, including pros and cons of each option.

  • Inspect: Red flags to look out for prior to an equipment purchase to avoid potential future issues.

  • Finance: Equipment loan options to help finance your major purchase.


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Unlock the Checklist

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