Where to Find Farm Equipment for Sale

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Feb 27, 2024

Farm equipment can be highly specialized and designed to meet specific needs, so finding the right machinery may unlock your farm’s full potential by allowing it to perform more efficiently and become more automated. When it’s time to look for equipment, where do you turn?

Luckily, several options are available to find new and used farm equipment, including:  

  • Local auctions

  • Online sales sites

  • FBN® Community 

  • Online forums

Local Auctions

Local auctions can be a great place to find used equipment at competitive prices. Typically held by auction houses or agricultural organizations, local equipment auctions are usually advertised in local newspapers, community bulletin boards and online listing sites like Farm Auction Guide.

Pros of Local Auctions

  • The ability to physically inspect equipment

  • Unique deals on rare and specialized items

  • Direct interaction with sellers

  • Competitive bidding

Cons of Local Auctions

  • Limited warranty or support

  • Most auctions sales are sold “as-is”

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Online Sales Sites and Marketplaces

Online platforms have revolutionized the way farm equipment is bought and sold. Often offering a wide range of new and used equipment for sale, sites like Purple Wave Auction and TractorHouse allow farmers to browse through listings, compare prices and contact sellers directly to make a purchase. 

Pros of Online Sales Sites and Marketplaces

  • Wide selection of equipment options

  • Convenient online shopping

  • Access to detailed equipment information and user reviews

Cons of Online Sales Sites and Marketplaces

  • Limited inspection access

  • Complicated shipping logistics

  • Potential for fraudulent listings and scams

FBN Community Forum

FBN’s Community Forum is an exclusive way to interact with fellow farmers on a diverse range of agricultural topics. The member-driven community provides access to deep, hands-on knowledge, educational resources and support from peers in the ag space who experience the same daily challenges.

To search for machinery or equipment being sold by other FBN members, navigate to the Community tab in the FBN app and select ‘For Sale’ from the category options. 

Pros of FBN Community Forum

  • Access to the exclusive forum with verified farmer members

  • A broad network of insight and knowledge from fellow farmers

  • Get access to additional reports and digital tools on the FBN platform

Cons of FBN Community Forum

  • You must be an FBN member to post — but membership is free. Sign up today

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Online Forums

Beyond developing online farming communities and fostering enthusiastic discussion on various topics, dedicated agricultural forums offer a wealth of information on equipment, including buying and selling machinery. Examples of popular online forums dedicated to equipment include Heavy Equipment Forums - Agricultural Equipment, Ag Talk - Machinery Talk and Agriville.com - Machinery & Equipment

Pros of Online Forums

  • Experienced insights from fellow farmers

  • Direct communication with sellers and buyers

Cons of Online Forums

  • Inaccurate information

  • Lack of warranty or protection

Farm Equipment Loans from FBN Finance

While equipment can often be prohibitively expensive, financing is often an option to help address the cost to your operation. Whether you’re considering buying or leasing equipment, FBN Finance could offer the right financing solution to purchase equipment to improve and further scale your farm. 

A farm equipment loan from FBN Finance offers terms of up to seven years and requires the following:

  • a minimum loan amount of $10,000,

  • a 20% down payment, and

  • the equipment to be 14 years old or newer.

Financeable equipment includes:

Tractors & combines



Forage harvesters



Application equipment

Irrigation equipment

Grain trailers

If you want to learn more about farm equipment loans, the FBN Finance team can help explain the application process and ensure it’s the right fit for your operation.

Complete the brief form below, click here, or call 866-619-3080 to speak with a loan advisor today. 

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Feb 27, 2024

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