Anthony Stibbard

Anthony Stibbard has over 7 years experience in the Australian agriculture sector in broadacre cropping and livestock. His academic Agronomic background together with working farm experience brings a theoretical and practical mix to his role as an Account Executive for New South Wales, Australia.

Nov 28, 2022

by Anthony Stibbard

Falling numbers, a test that helps identify the structural integrity of the starch chains, is associated with pre-harvest sprouting. A falling number below 300 results in quality downgrades at receival. The falling numbers figure translates to the baking quality of the grain; therefore, a lower fall

Sep 26, 2022

by Anthony Stibbard

Frost, that localized phenomenon that can be so destructive in spring. The 2022 season has been a particularly challenging one for many parts of Australia. Coming into September, susceptible crops can be severely affected by frost. Being able to identify damage sooner rather than later will help mak

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Net Blotch Management in Barley

Aug 05, 2022

by Anthony Stibbard

We’ve all heard of Net Blotch but most of us have struggled to control it in the past. Once those pesky dark blotches appear on barley leaves, you know things can become difficult from here on out. Fortunately, there are some key points to manage and reduce symptoms and help minimise yield and grain