Daniel Turkovich

Danny Turkovich is FBN Head of Product and leads the design and development of FBN web and mobile products. Danny grew up working on his family’s farm located on the edge California’s Sacramento Valley where they raise tomatoes, alfalfa, rice, wheat, sunflowers, and other crops. Previously, Danny helped his brother establish Winters Cheese Company and Turkovich Family Wines in their hometown of Winters, California. He earned a bachelor’s degree in wine and viticulture from California Polytechnic State University, where he focused on food, agriculture and internet technology, and earned an MBA from the University of California-Davis.

Articles Farmer Perspective

Why Work at Farmers Business Network?

Jan 06, 2016

by Daniel Turkovich

The FBN℠ Network is tackling one of the most important challenges facing our society today; feeding the world. The human population is growing rapidly, but the amount of farmable land is decreasing due to human development and environmental degradation. The FBN network is using information technolog

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Yield & Soil Maps

Aug 19, 2015

by Daniel Turkovich

FBN has cleaned and analyzed millions of acres of harvest data from over a dozen crops such as corn, soybeans, and wheat. FBN members can see all their soil and cleaned yield maps for each of their fields. Combining FBN’s seed, agronomic practice, and yield analytics with better maps gives farmers d

Articles Tools And Technology

How to Search With FBN Seed Finder

Feb 19, 2015

by Daniel Turkovich

Farmers deserve an independent and unbiased source of data to help inform their seed purchases. Before buying seed, FBN members have the power to search and verify product claims with FBN Seed Finder, the Consumer Reports ® for real-world seed performance on over thousands of seed varieties. Each se