Hunter Stone, Senior Staff Agronomist

Hunter is a senior staff agronomist at FBN focusing on data and technology. He grew up in northwest Alabama surrounded by upland cotton and terra rosa soils. Hunter attended Auburn University earning a bachelor's degree in agronomy and soils and a master's degree in soil science. He has a blended applied and data science background with expertise in agricultural systems modeling, commodity markets, GIS and remote sensing, machine learning and statistics, precision agronomy, and software development. Hunter is a certified crop adviser with wide-ranging experience in field and specialty crop agronomy practice.

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Is Planter Down-Force Worth It?

Hydraulic planter down-force has been adopted widely in the past few years, and there is a good reason! The load sensor in these units adjusts downward pressure to keep the row unit at a level depth so your seeding depth is always consistent no matter what the soil conditions are like. That allows