Jeff Vanrobaeys

Jeff Vanrobaeys CCA, 4R NMS

Jeff is the Canadian Senior Staff Agronomist at FBN and has worked in agriculture for over 30 years. He has worked in a number of different roles including research, agronomy,  territory management, and retail. Jeff is originally from Manitoba where his family continues to farm.

Jul 03, 2023

by Jeff Vanrobaeys

When harvesting your crops, timing is everything. Pre-harvest weed control and desiccation can play a crucial role in ensuring a successful harvest by terminating crops with an herbicide application. While the concepts are similar, it’s important to understand the differences between pre-harvest and

Mar 16, 2023

by Jeff Vanrobaeys

Weeds are a threat to every farming operation and the number of herbicide-resistant weeds continues to grow every year. Creating a strategy to delay the development of resistant weeds is important and should be prioritized on every farm. As of April 2022, the U.S. has 127 unique herbicide resistant

Aug 22, 2022

by Jeff Vanrobaeys

Harvest in Canada is already underway; for others, those activities are fast approaching. Harvest is the perfect time to evaluate results and the decisions you made throughout the growing season. Take time as the combine  rolls through the field to note key details about this year’s production while

Jun 23, 2022

by Jeff Vanrobaeys

Many wheat growing geographies in Canada  have received substantial amounts of rain this spring, in addition to the challenges of preparing seed beds and planting, excessive rainfall can also fuel disease. Given these conditions, and if they match in your area, this could be the right time to apply

Jun 14, 2022

by Jeff Vanrobaeys

Peas are a great nitrogen fixing crop option that can improve soil health. Growing peas allows a grower to introduce different herbicide groups into their herbicide rotation plan.  FBN® is well positioned to support your field pea crop in western Canada. Let’s look at four ways to get to get the mos