FBN® Launches New Crop Nutrition Product Finder

We're excited to announce the launch of the crop nutrition product finder, a new tool on FBN.com designed to help farmers streamline and simplify their crop nutrition selection process.

The new website feature allows you to filter by crop, application method, and product benefits to receive customized, agronomist-recommended results, making it easier than ever to find the crop nutrition you need on FBN.com.

Crop Nutrition — Simplified

Every farm is unique, so your approach to balancing nutrition for your crops should be unique too. FBN®’s new crop nutrition product finder provides personalized crop nutrition product recommendations specific to your farm’s needs.

If you already know exactly which products you’d like to purchase, just type the product name or active ingredient into the search bar. 

But if, like many farmers, you don’t know exactly which crop nutrition product is right for your farm — or if you’re interested in seeing what our agronomists suggest — use the new feature to get instant, customized product suggestions. 

How to Use FBN’s New Crop Nutrition Product Finder 

Using our new crop nutrition product selection tool while shopping at FBN.com takes the guesswork out choosing the right crop nutrition products. 

Step 1: Answer 3 Quick Questions

Using the dropdown menu options, start by telling us: 

  1. What crop(s) are you growing?

  2. What is your preferred application method?

  3. What target benefits are you looking for?

Step 2: Review FBN’s Recommended Products 

After you’ve answered the three questions, FBN will display available products that match your preferences. To learn more about each product, click into the product page to view the label, tech sheet, and other related resources.

Step 3: Add Selected Products to Cart and Purchase 

After reviewing the recommended products and choosing the ones that best fit your needs, use the integrated calculator to determine how much of each product you’ll need to cover your acreage before adding to your cart. Select your preferred delivery date (most deliveries are made in three days or less!) and place your crop nutrition order. 

Let’s recap:

  • Step 1: Tell us 1) what crop, 2) application method, and 3) target benefits you’re shopping for.

  • Step 2: Quickly see FBN-recommended crop nutrition products.

  • Step 3: Add selected products to your cart and purchase. 

To start using our enhanced crop nutrition product finder, visit our Crop Nutrition page. 

Shop for the Crop Nutrition That Meets Your Farm’s Needs 

Using crop nutrition products helps farmers harness their crops’ full yield potential and become more profitable. It’s our mission to power the prosperity of family farmers, and this new shopping feature empowers farmers like you to maximize your in-field success.

Find the crop nutrition products you need, including:

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