Confidently Execute Your Planting Season With FBN Seed Profiles

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Mar 20, 2017

Planting season is coming up fast. Add confidence to your planting plan decisions with 


Seed Profiles.

Seed Profiles: Back Up Your Planting Decisions with Data


Seed Profiles gives you the information you need to achieve the highest possible yields through better seed and planting decisions. Using FBN Seed Profiles you'll be able to access data that will help you with pivotal decisions like seed selection, seed placement, and population management.

You'll see how different planting practices have affected yield for over 5,000 seeds on millions of acres. Each seed has its own profile with insights on planting dates, row spacings, seeding rates, nitrogen rates and more.

How to Use Seed Profiles

Step 1: Find a seed variety you have purchased, or are considering, on the "Seed Finder" tab in your FBN account. Click on the blue link in the "variety" column for the specific seed you want to learn more about.

Step 2: Look through the bar charts on the "Seed Profile" page to understand how yields for your selected seed varies across ranges of planting practices. 

Step 3: Use the left-hand-side navigation to move between different planting practices that can affect yield.

Step 4: Use the filter navigation near the top of the screen to narrow results down to the data from farms most similar to your own.

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FBN Network

Mar 20, 2017