Benchmark Your Seed to Soil Matches

Dan Zook

Mar 27, 2017

FBN Variety by Soil helps you achieve higher yields by uncovering how your seeds perform on each of your soil types.

You can even benchmark your seed-to-soil combinations against average crop yields in your region, county, state, or across the entire FBN Network of over 12.5 million acres.

Benchmarking Your Seed-to-Soil Matches

FBN Variety by Soil - How it Works

When you add your past planting and harvest data to Farmer's Business Network you'll unlock the power of FBN Variety by Soil. We'll match the information from your planter and combine to SSURGO soil maps to identify which seeds you've planted on which soil types, and what yield you've generated from those seed-to-soil choices.

For example, you can look at your corn crop from 2016 and see how each of your corn hybrids performed across all of the soil types in your operation. You can even drill down to see hybrid performance at the individual field level.

Next, you can benchmark your crop yields against the average yield generated for a given crop during the same year. 

In the screen shot above you can see that when our example farmer planted Dekalb® DKC57-92 on Raub soil, he was able to generate a yield 22.2% higher than the average corn yield for his region, but when DKC57-92 was planted on Varna he generated a yield 13.5% below his region's average corn yield.

You can benchmark against your region (a 100 mile radius around your farm), your county, your state, or across the entire FBN national network of farms.

For FBN Members: How to Find Variety by Soil 

Sign into your FBN account and navigate to Variety by Soil. You can get there in two different ways:

1. Click on "Performance on My Soil Types" in the FBN dashboard


2. Click the following path: Analyze My Operation ---> Varieties --> Variety by Soil

The screen you see should look like this:

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Dan Zook

Mar 27, 2017