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After you master the bar chart basics to following the ag commodities markets, the next step is to better understand a few of the pro tips to navigating them. Technical studies - a common approach used by advisors serving farmers - can help you to follow

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How To Identify Long-term Commodity Cycles

Throughout human history, we can observe cycles, or the tendency of certain events to repeat themselves at regular, predictable intervals. There are many variables in supply and demand for ag commodities, so it’s no easy task for the laws of economics to

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The 5 Key Components of Grain Market Analysis

Cynics often remark that the trick to making a small fortune in futures trading is to start out with a large one. It may seem like a never-ending poker game between bulls always wanting to bet on higher prices, and bears always betting on lower ones. The

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The True History and Utility of Futures

The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) was launched way back in 1848 by a group of 25 Chicago businessmen. It stemmed from shortcomings in the system at the time of strictly cash market activity between farmers and buyers, where a glut of grain offered at harv

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The Battle for Margin - F2F17

Sep 14, 2017

by Dan Zook

Join leaders from technology & the military as well as America's most pioneering farmers for discussion on the future of farming. Dec 13-15 in Omaha, Nebraska.