Bigger Network, Lower Prices

Tracy Pell

Jan 23, 2018

When the FBN℠ network grows in numbers, it also grows in strength. Our network of farmers is now bigger than it has ever been. With our rapidly growing network of farmers, we’ve recently negotiated even better prices from our suppliers.

With more volume purchased, we can get better prices on our most popular inputs. That translates into lower costs for us, which we turn into lower prices for you, our members. This virtuous cycle is at the heart of how FBN Direct™ works.

Lower Prices and the FBN Price Guarantee

You can see the real-world effects of network growth right now in the prices we are able to offer through FBN Direct. We’ve just lowered prices on more than 20 of our most popular products.

Best of all, we guarantee the lowest price to all of our members between the time they purchase and the time their inputs are delivered. We call this the FBN Price Guarantee. Whenever we lower prices, our members benefit even if they’ve already purchased. We make sure that they get the new, lower price applied to their order.

Putting Farmers First℠

We know that with commodity prices down and pressure on your farm, getting the best prices possible is more important than ever. That’s why we promise to put you, our members, first. We’ll keep pushing to get you the best pricing that we can. And thank you for helping us meet that promise by being part of the FBN network and building its power.

Already Purchased These Products Through FBN Direct
  • Through the FBN Price Guarantee, if you purchased one or more of these products between Nov 1 and Jan 23, 2018, you may be eligible to have your previous order adjusted to the lowest list price offered between the time of your previous order and delivery date.

  • We'll identify any products with a difference between the price you paid at the time of your order and the prices up until the time of delivery. For cash orders, you'll be issued a credit for the difference of the price you paid and the lower price. For extended terms orders, we'll deduct the difference from your balance. See sales order for exact terms and conditions.

Tracy Pell

Jan 23, 2018