Tracy Pell

Tracy Pell leads marketing for FBN Direct and F2F Genetics. She grew up in an area surrounded by small farms and has endless respect for the complex job that farmers have--part business people, part chemists, part equipment and machine repair people, and so much more. She's excited to make that job just a little easier by putting Farmers First at FBN.

Jan 30, 2023

by Tracy Pell

Every field needs the right crop plan to maximize efficiency and profitability. While there are many elements that make up a complete and successful crop plan, the weed control portion of your plan should be one of your top priorities in order to finalize an effective weed control strategy before th

May 08, 2020

by Tracy Pell

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start to plan for weed control. The list of products is long and the chemical formulations all start to sound the same after a while. So, when it’s time to go into the field, how do you select the herbicides that are best for your operation within each spraying

Aug 15, 2019

by Tracy Pell

Add products to your cart at the click of a button, and build your order quickly. Calculating the total order and selecting shipping or warehouse pickup can also be completed right in the online checkout. We’ve designed our online inputs-shopping experience to make buying seed and chemicals online m

Apr 18, 2019

by Tracy Pell

It’s going to happen – your healthy canola crop is bound to attract some less-than-savory critters, such as bertha armyworms, lygus bugs and diamondback moth larvae. Canola will suffer pest outbreaks - but with a little work on the front end, you can limit the economic cost of insects on the crop.

Mar 27, 2019

by Tracy Pell

When you make an order through FBN Direct , your order history will now be easily accessible through your FBN account. Simply go into your account to see the full details of all of your past orders, including items ordered, payment, and total order amount with a breakdown of taxes and shipping co

Jan 28, 2019

by Tracy Pell

Many farmers in the Corn Belt a pply a starter fertilizer—they   know that  early corn often gets planted into cool, wet soils. While these conditions can compromise germination and stand establishment, they also set the stage for starters to do their best work. Benefits of starter fertilizer Starte

Dec 19, 2018

by Tracy Pell

We often tout how complex the field is for row crop production—the rapid pace of seed development, the delicate balance of a perfect fertilizer package, the hi-tech computer system in the newest planter set up. And it’s true.  Every season brings brand new opportunities to adopt the latest technolog

Nov 23, 2018

by Tracy Pell

The biostimulant category in the United States remains loosely defined--at least legally. Biostimulants do not fall under the EPA regulatory authority designated by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. However, it’s important to understand the current landscape for this emerging

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What to Know About Tassel Corn

Aug 21, 2018

by Tracy Pell

There is lots of conversation that occurs this time of year about unusual corn ear formations that appear where tassels are normally found. These formations result in “Tassel Ears.” Although this isn’t an overwhelmingly common occurrence, it is also not rare, as it occurs every year to some degree.

Aug 06, 2018

by Tracy Pell

If you are considering applying fungicide to protect corn from Southern Rust, it is imperative to properly identify the type of rust fungus present -- especially because Common Rust is often mistaken for Southern Rust. Common Rust Identification [Common Rust pictured above] Common Rust rarely impact