Tracy Pell

Tracy Pell leads marketing for FBN Direct and F2F Genetics. She grew up in an area surrounded by small farms and has endless respect for the complex job that farmers have--part business people, part chemists, part equipment and machine repair people, and so much more. She's excited to make that job just a little easier by putting Farmers First at FBN.

Aug 15, 2019

by Tracy Pell

Shop on the FBN Direct online store to save on the products you need, get extended terms or cash discounts, and seamless direct-to-farm delivery. Search through an unbiased selection of thousands of products, including labels and pests targeted, at the cl

Apr 18, 2019

by Tracy Pell

Canola will suffer pest outbreaks - but with a little work on the front end, you can limit the economic cost of insects on the crop. Scouting your fields regularly helps you to identify and manage those hungry bugs.

Aug 06, 2018

by Tracy Pell

If you are considering applying fungicide to protect corn from Southern Rust, it is imperative to properly identify the type of rust fungus present--especially because Common Rust is often mistaken for Southern Rust.

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The Benefits of Fall Burndown

Jul 17, 2018

by Tracy Pell

Fall burndown can achieve the same weed control at lower cost than herbicides applied in spring. Here are the most common arguments for & against fall programs.