What Can You Expect to Pay for Corn and Soybean Seed Traits?

At Farmers Business Network℠, we are working to put buying power back into the hands of farmers like you. One of the ways we do this is by using anonymized data contributed by FBN members to deliver increased seed price transparency

Investigating Reported Corn and Soybean Seed Prices

The average reported price for corn seed remained fairly consistent year-over-year in 2019, coming in at a $305 per bag list price ($244 per bag after discounts). Member-reported prices for traited products also remained roughly the same between 2018 and 2019.

But, as you can see below, the price member farmers paid for conventional corn seed lowered in price further in 2019 and continued to sell for $100-150 less per bag than traited hybrids.

For soybeans, the average reported price per bag also stayed consistent with the previous year, but individual traits and trait stacks saw some variation. 

Member-reported prices for glyphosate-tolerant (GT) soybeans dropped below $30 per bag. And with the exception of LibertyLink® GT27TM (LLGT27), other traited varieties also lowered, albeit incrementally, in average reported price.

New Opportunities Change the Seed Landscape for FBN Members

Our primary observation here is that the overall cost of seed has remained high, which makes breaking even a challenging proposition for farmers given current market trends for corn and soybeans. 

But a secondary takeaway is that FBN members took advantage of new seed offerings available on the market in 2019. It was the first year we sold F2F Genetics Network™ seed, which was planted on nearly 1,000 member farms across the U.S. 

The introduction of F2F Genetics Network conventional corn hybrids that sold for as low as $99 per bag in 2019 and competitively priced GT soybean varieties available to members clearly played a role in lowering average reported prices for those seed varieties in particular.

Planning for Future Seed Purchases

At Farmers Business Network®, we’re committed to putting Farmers First® and powering the prosperity of family farmers. Here are a few ways to start working with our team and let us support your farm this growing season:

  • Download this year's F2F Genetics Network Seed Guide to review FBN's broad set of seed options focused on great performance and price. The portfolio includes products that have top quality genetics and industry leading traits enabling you to diversify your operation whether you're looking for conventional, traited, or organic seed options.

  • Explore our latest Interactive Seed Performance Report, which provides data on some of our most impactful products to date. The report also offers an opportunity to hear directly from our seed team about the products highlighted through the use of QR codes.

  • Discover how you can save on seed purchases this year through FBN's simple, easy to use programs. FBN Direct offers conventional, traited, and organic corn seed, in addition to soybeans, alfalfa, millet, and more.

  • Join the conversation on FBN Community to connect with and share insights with other farmers as part of the FBN member network.

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