Matthew Meisner, Ph.D.

Matt Meisner, Ph.D., is FBN Head of Data Science, where he leads scientific, research and technical development and creates the FBN analytics system. While in graduate school at University of California-Davis, Matt worked with hundreds of cotton and citrus farmers in California to develop novel pest and crop prediction models by applying big data, statistical computing, and machine learning techniques. Matt has more than a decade of research experience using quantitative tools to analyze agricultural biology, and has co-authored a number of peer-reviewed journal publications. Matt earned his doctorate in population biology and master’s degree in statistics from University of California-Davis, and earned his bachelor’s degree in biological sciences from MIT.

Jun 23, 2020

by Wade Givens, Ph.D.

Spraying is a vital component to each cropping season. Whether you’re feeding foliar nutrition or managing pest pressure, effective spray applications are key to protecting yields and your operation’s return on investment. There was a time when spraying was reserved for custom applicators. But in to