Webinar: Delivering a Crop Protection Promise

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Apr 06, 2022

Learn about  some of the exciting ways that we are getting ready for planting season to support our FBN® members in this webinar. 

Meet our team of experts

  • Meg Brodman - Our Moderator and Senior Director, Product Marketing

  • Luiz Beling - President, FBN Direct Global

  • Jack Cox - VP, Global Fulfillment & Logistics

  • Hiro Ellis - Director, Product Management

  • Marc-Andre Fortin - North America Category Manager

  • Brad Roberts - Senior Product Marketing Manager - Seed and Digital Technology

What you’ll learn

1. State of agriculture

Our recent special report on The State of Agriculture in 2022 provided some key takeaways for farmers to consider:

  • Grain markets will smash records highs in 2022

  • U.S. acreage shifts are not likely to derail price strength

  • Biofuels provide short and long-game to agriculture growth

  • Farmers are facing rising costs and limited profit growth

2. Product supply

Supply chain issues are creating product availability challenges but FBN is vertically integrated and we plan ahead by:

  • Having our own technical and end-use farmer product registrations

  • Formulating product in-country or importing finished goods

  • Delivering direct to your farm and passing value on to you

3. Online store experience

We’re excited to introduce a new and easy fbn.com experience that helps you:

  • Easily navigate the site

  • Find the products you’re looking for

  • Track your order with transparent delivery times

4. Logistics network 

The FBN Logistics Network is the foundation for the building blocks of rural delivery. Here’s our why it matters:

  • Built on integrated data, technology and process-driven operations

  • FBN’s physical presence promotes speed, agility and consistency

  • Our delivery experience is not found anywhere else in agriculture

Watch now

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Apr 06, 2022