What Is a Farm Equipment Loan?

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Apr 21, 2023

As a farmer, you know that having the right equipment is crucial for running a successful operation. From tractors and harvesters to hay balers and plows, the right equipment can make all the difference in maximizing your yields and minimizing your labor costs. 

But buying equipment outright can be prohibitively expensive for many farmers. That's where farm equipment loans come in.

What Is a Farm Equipment Loan?

A farm equipment loan is a type of loan specifically designed to help farmers purchase the equipment they need to run their operation. 

Whether you're looking to buy new equipment, update existing equipment, or replace outdated equipment, a farm equipment loan can help you spread out the cost over several years, making it easier to manage your cash flow.

Advantages of Farm Equipment Loans

One of the biggest advantages of farm equipment loans is that they allow you to make a significant purchase and spread out the expense over a few years. This means that you can invest in the equipment you need to improve your operation without having to pay for it all upfront. You may also be able to expense the interest on your taxes, which may be financially beneficial.

Another advantage of equipment loans is that they are considered intermediate debt on your balance sheet. However, equipment is considered an immediate asset on your balance sheet. This can help to improve your creditworthiness and make it easier to obtain future loans.

Why Should Farmers Consider Farm Equipment Loans?

Farm equipment loans can help you purchase the equipment you need to improve efficiency in your operation, without putting a strain on your current budget or cash flow. By spreading out the cost of the equipment over several years, you can ensure that you have the equipment you need to run your operation smoothly and efficiently, while also maintaining a healthy cash flow.

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Farm Equipment Loans from FBN® Finance

FBN equipment loans have terms of up to seven years and require:

  • a minimum loan amount of $10,000,

  • a 20% down payment, and

  • the equipment to be 14 years old or newer.

Financeable equipment includes:

  • Tractors

  • Combines

  • Forage harvesters

  • Application equipment

  • Windrowers

  • Balers

  • Irrigation equipment

  • Implements

  • Skid steers

  • Semi-tractors

  • Grain trailers

Interested in learning more about farm equipment loans? With an average of 15+ years’ experience each in Ag finance, FBN loan advisors are ready to walk you through the details of this type of loan, explain the application process and make sure you get the financial solution that best fits your needs.

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FBN Network

Apr 21, 2023

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