Field Maps at Your Fingertips With FBN Mapping

Sarah Mock

Oct 27, 2016

FBN℠ Maps automatically converts all of your precision data into a fast, seamless, and printable mapping system. But FBN Maps goes way beyond conventional precision mapping by analyzing the deeper data in your precision files. So you not only can see your harvest, planting, seed, soil and elevation data - but now visualize factors like crop moisture, drydown needs, prescription accuracy, planting speeds and more.

All your maps can be compared and overlaid to one another, and you can add and map an unlimited number of acres. Explore multi-year harvest trends, or compare your yields to soil types, or your field elevation and topography to harvest moisture. And by breaking out your data in histograms and pie charts - FBN Maps gives you the power to understand your fields like never before.

What kind of maps does FBN create?

Harvest Maps

> Yield                          

> Potential Yield Impovement          

> Crop Moisture                

> Drydown             

Planting Maps

> Seeding Rate            

> Planting Speed                                

> Target Seeding Rate        

> Seed Variety

> Prescription Accuracy Layer

Natural Features Maps

> Elevation                 > Soil Type (SSURGO)   

What can I do with FBNMaps?

  • Store, view, and analyze all your field-level precision data in one place.

  • Breakdown the data displayed in your map with associated histograms and pie charts.

  • Compare any two map layers side-by-side with the Compare Maps slider.

  • View historical data and compare map layers between years across your operation.

  • Easily print your field maps.

"FBN is the place I go to when I want to look at a yield map. It’s so easy, I can do it from multiple devices and printing is seamless."

                                                                             –BRETT MCCRORY, IL FARMER

How Do I Get Started?

Getting your maps in FBN Maps is easy - just start by uploading your precision data into your FBN account.  For more ways to add data:

  • Visit: How to add data to your FBN account

  • You can upload monitor files in FBN, integrate your MyJohnDeere account for seamless transfer, add via DropBox or Google Drive, or just email them to

  • Draw your own maps or upload boundary shape files in the “Add Farms & Fields” tool under "Account"

FBN Maps Now Includes Satellite Imagery!

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Sarah Mock

Oct 27, 2016