Sarah Mock

Feb 18, 2021

by Sarah Bieber

As with any crop insurance year, 2021 enters with a few changes to current programs and policies PLUS a couple new coverage options. When making decisions on your crop insurance, it is always best to be fully informed.  With that in mind, below is a recap of the changes for the 2021 Crop Year. Polic

Nov 23, 2020

by Sarah Bieber

A fifth-generation farmer, J.P. Rhea is a large-scale organic producer just north of Omaha, Neb. His operation farms 10,000 acres of predominantly organic alfalfa, corn, beans and small grains. They also have a cattle feedlot and an ingredient manufacturing facility. Last winter, he signed his opera

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Farmers Don't Need to Feed the World

Mar 20, 2017

by Sarah Mock

The future of farming is not going to revolve around higher yields. There is a misconception out there that farmers are responsible for feeding the world. Maybe it comes from the broken-record references to the “doubling of food production by 2050 to feed 9 billion people”, or the changing consumer

Jan 18, 2017

by Sarah Mock

Ringger Farms, headed by Jamin Ringger, is a 1,100 acre corn, soybean, and hog operation in central Illinois. “I operate a relatively small operation, so every acre counts, especially when margins are tight. You get one chance to do it right, and it’s challenging to make sure that the right seed is

Nov 29, 2016

by Sarah Mock

Adam Bjerkevdt learned his most important lesson about life and farming while picking rocks. Adam’s met his future wife, the daughter of a Minnesota farmer, at an FFA convention while they were both in high school. Adam grew up on a dairy, and after meeting his wife, spent summers helping out on his

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Field Maps at Your Fingertips With FBN Mapping

Oct 27, 2016

by Sarah Mock

FBN℠ Maps automatically converts all of your precision data into a fast, seamless, and printable mapping system. But FBN Maps goes way beyond conventional precision mapping by analyzing the deeper data in your precision files. So you not only can see your harvest, planting, seed, soil and elevation

Oct 25, 2016

by Sarah Mock

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting seeds. We surveyed hundreds of farmers who downloaded the Seed Selection Playbook and found that 30% of farmers believe that price or return on investment are the most important factors when deciding which seeds to buy and plant. The single top c

Oct 19, 2016

by Sarah Mock

Farmer Dan Koster grows 3,200 acres of corn in Sterling, IL, and has had combine monitors for 15 years. “We look at the university tests first, but that’s all we have as far as trials. They’re supposed to be unbiased, but we know that this isn’t always true.” Dan had data that was going unused and t

Sep 22, 2016

by Sarah Mock

Ever wonder what it would be like to intern at FBN SM? We asked our most recent class of interns who they found the experience. Here's what they said. First, Brandon Caudell, a recent intern on the FBN Engineering team in San Carlos. He is currently a senior at Kansas University. Mutian Niu was an s