How Fast Are You Harvesting Corn?

Do you like to race through harvest from the combine cab, or do you prefer slower corn harvest speeds?

We’re looking into network trends in combine speed when farmers are harvesting corn. As always, we do this by analyzing aggregated data contributed anonymously by FBN network members.

At what speed are farmers typically harvesting corn?

On average during the past four years, 66 percent of acres represented in the FBN network are harvested at 3.5-5 miles per hour.

There are, of course, regional differences in corn harvest speed.

Where are farmers harvesting corn at top speeds (and slowest speeds)?

FBN network farmers in North Dakota are harvesting corn at top speeds, an average of 4.7 mph, while Kentucky farmers in the FBN network are harvesting corn at slowest speeds—3.5 mph on average.

How have harvest speeds changed over time?

Interestingly, farmers in the FBN network have been harvesting at slower speeds in recent years, though only slightly—within one-half mile per hour.

Stay tuned for more network trends in corn harvest.

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