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FBN Network

Nov 07, 2018

Farmers Business Network℠ provides products, tools, and services that you can use to improve nearly every aspect of your operation. We do it by putting Farmers First® in everything we do.

Seed Finder- the world’s largest seed performance database.

Satellite Imagery- Identify problem areas in your fields faster.

Price Transparency- See what farmers are really paying for chemicals and seed.

Maps- Visualize your yield performance with over a dozen field maps.

FBN Direct℠- Save on inputs. Get on-farm delivery.Order online or with a rep.

Crop Marketing- See your local bids all in one place. Get support with spot sales.


Bring data to the negotiating table and never worry about whether you’re getting a fair price on inputs ever again.

See What Other Farmers Actually Paid

Price Transparency shows you market averages, quotes, and invoiced prices on hundreds of inputs. Save no matter who you buy from. When you share your invoices, you unlock thousands of real-world transactions, that's the power of the network.


FBN Direct provides hassle-free shopping and great prices on seeds, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, adjuvants, and biostimulants. Order online, through our app, or with your FBN℠ rep.

The Power of Buying with FBN Direct

• Direct-to-Farm delivery available

• Online Purchasing

• Unbiased product selection


Detect problematic areas in a field, everything from pest and weed pressure to a clogged irrigation nozzle. Satellite imagery with Enhanced Vegetative Index (EVI) technology is included with your membership.

EVI Imagery

EVI provides an indication of the stage of crop growth and health. It is similar to NDVI satellite images, but includes image improvements not included in NDVI.

Save time, Scout Faster, Identify Issues Sooner

With new satellite images available every 5-7 days you’ll be able to quickly prioritize your scouting activities.

Increase yield by being able to identify, investigate, and address problem areas faster, or that you may have missed entirely without the help of imagery.

FBN Network

Nov 07, 2018