Avoid Overpaying on Premiums with Personalized FBN® Crop Insurance

Your farm is unique. Your insurance policy should be, too. 

Having the wrong level of insurance coverage can have an immense impact on your bottom line long term — you could be overpaying on premiums year after year or under-compensating for risk, leaving your operation exposed in difficult years.

At FBN, our insurance agents work closely with farmers to develop risk management plans personalized for their unique operations. Backed by data-based insights and analytics powered by the FBN network, FBN Insurance leverages innovative technology and data science to deliver customized, straightforward advice on crop insurance plans. 

Personalized Policies

No two farms are identical, so your crop insurance coverage shouldn’t be either. FBN Insurance agents use anonymized and aggregated operational, weather and other data to help you make the best decisions possible for the level of risk you’re comfortable with.

After building a scenario analysis, our FBN Insurance agents give you a detailed overview of the cost per acre and likely payouts for each policy type and coverage level across a range of possible scenarios. The policy is personalized to your local weather and pricing patterns, crop marketing plans and risk appetite. 

Not sure what your appetite for risk actually is? We can help with that, too.

With FBN Insurance, you can get access to all of the insurance products available through federal programs — plus a large selection of private products offered through our preferred partner companies.

[Crop insurance is more than just another number on your cost sheet. Are you confident in your coverage?]

Innovative Technology and Data-Based Coverage 

By developing easy-to-access resources, automated technology and useful tools, FBN Insurance aims to make record-keeping and policy management easier, putting a long-awaited end to lengthy paperwork and painful processing.

Guided by a Farmers First® mindset, our goal is to build technology that makes our policyholders’ lives easier and our insurance agents even more effective. 

[Read more about how our team is innovating the future of FBN Insurance.]

Experienced Team with a Straightforward Approach

At FBN Insurance, we’re a local team with national reach. Our experienced and localized insurance agent team is readily available to help you make the best decisions for your operation’s unique risk profile.

Our agents understand that insurance is about security, and they’ll work with you to think holistically about your risk management strategies so you have peace of mind in your coverage.

You shouldn’t have to re-learn the language of insurance every year. Our agents offer straightforward recommendations and walk you through the data that got them there. 

[WATCH: Data Driven Insurance - How to Use Data to Make Informed Coverage Decisions]

FBN Crop Insurance Coverage

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