Ready for #Plant21? A Q&A with the F2F Genetics Network™ Team

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Sep 08, 2020

#Plant21 may be a little ways out, but the time to make seed purchasing decisions is already here. With the recent rollout of the 2021 F2F Genetics Network™ seed portfolio, we thought it might be a good idea to see what our team had to say about our newest offerings.

A closer look at the F2F Genetics Network portfolio

We talked to team members from across the seed business to get their thoughts, including:

  • R.J. Krekeler, National Seed Sales Manager;

  • Steve Sick, Breeding Project Lead; 

  • Clark Huffman, District Sales Manager - Seed; and

  • Dan Mattison, District Sales Manager - Seed

What are some of the big highlights for the 2021 seed portfolio?

R.J.: I think the biggest highlight is definitely our potential launch of the first post-patent glyphosate tolerant (GT) corn hybrids on the market (pending results from in-season plot trials). There’s opportunity for these in many areas, but we are excited to see what they can do, especially in the markets where structured refuge is a major concern.

Steve: Becoming a distributor of Paloma™ Enlist E3™ soybeans is a big deal. We know that this is an up-and-coming platform for farmers, especially in light of the concerns around dicamba use. It’s a tremendous opportunity for members to take advantage of a really robust portfolio. We are proud that we can bring this to the table; it’s a launch I’m happy about. We’ll continue to focus on giving the growers the products they need, through our expanding corn and soybean lines but also through our partnership with Warner Seeds. Their versatile portfolio of sorghum and sudangrass products helps farmers maximize their opportunity on every acre, even when weather or planting delays make that seem difficult.

Want quality genetics at a fair price?

Dan: Bringing GT corn at a price growers can afford is a game changer. For so long, they’ve been charged an arm and a leg for every trait. We’ve got several hybrids coming onto the market mid-season with this trait, and the ones I’ve seen have had insane emergence. 

Clark: Paloma™ Enlist E3™ beans is one of the biggest breakthroughs we could have gotten. We’ve looked at about a dozen varieties and they look unbelievably good. We also have an excellent supply. Another really big opportunity comes with the addition of Blue River® Organic Seed, and the inclusion of their product line in our portfolio launch. In the current ag climate, many growers are looking into transitioning to organic to take advantage of higher premiums, and having these organics alongside the conventional and traited products available gives them easy access to the products they need.

Are there any products that are just really standing out?

R.J.: We have a 113-day conventional that just continues to look good, and a 104-day that yields consistently well. In the GT hybrids, our 106-day, as well as those in the 117 to 120-day range, will be major players for us. And the Paloma™ Enlist E3™ beans we are distributing look good and will help us to continue to partner with growers to get the most out of their acres. 

Steve: You know, we’re seeing some early products, in the 77- to 90-day maturity range, that are looking really good up north, but they have a pretty significant footprint. We’ve got some outstanding mid-maturity products in the 112- to 113-day range that will allow for some southern movement we haven’t had in the past, and will give us increased diversity for a variety of acres. 

Dan: We have a 108-day hybrid that is as steady as any I’ve ever seen. There’s a 113-day hybrid with an impressive outright leaf structure - at knee-high it’s pretty much closing the row. It cuts those concerns about weed control in conventionals to a minimum, because weeds stop getting sunlight early. I’ve got a 104-day that yields like a 112. The old standbys look great, but the new stuff—you can really see why they advanced it. 

Clark: The new products in the portfolio look really exciting. Last year was a wet year, an uncharacteristic year, if you will. And we were a pretty new seed brand, with a new portfolio that we were still learning to position. So some things didn’t perform like we hoped last year. But growers understood, and the majority decided to give F2FGeneticsNetwork another shot this year. And those same products from last year are truly performing. We’re showing that there’s a lot to be excited about.   

The new products are currently in on-farm trials. What are farmers saying about them?

Dan: All the new products, including our GT corn, are on farms across the country right now. I have one grower in particular who can’t wait to buy on a larger scale, because her small supply of the new seed had the best vigor, it came out of the ground first—she's a great grower and it is looking to be her best corn this year.

Clark: Growers are elated with how these products look—and they look phenomenal. We’ve just started a month-long series of field days, because we think it’s important for growers to really see and feel the products. That way they can get comfortable with the portfolio and know what to expect when it’s time to make seed purchases for next year. 

What are you personally most excited about in this year’s lineup?

Steve: The Paloma™ Enlist E3™ soybeans look really good. Our GT corn hybrids look great. They’re all at the top end of a really robust pipeline. We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming—this year looks good, but we’ve got some really promising launches coming in the future. That pipeline just keeps getting fuller.

Dan: I’m most excited about bringing affordable GT corn to growers and making good on our off-patent promise. I’m also excited about our supply of top-notch conventional corn. And being able to sell Enlist E3® soybeans—my job was great before, but it’s amazing with all that potential. 

R.J.: The GT corn hybrids are hands down what I’m most excited about. And the Paloma™ Enlist E3™ varieties are also going to be a major player for us this year. With a recent increased interest in the potential of grain sorghum in the market, it is nice to have Warner Seeds’ sorghum products available to our members who are interested in taking advantage of those opportunities.  

Clark: One of the things I realized early into my time at FBN is that our membership is like a fraternity. They work together and they truly want to see FBN be successful in changing the direction of the ag industry. With their support, we can continue to grow and help more farmers. They provide great feedback about our seed and its positioning. So I’m most excited about getting these products in front of more members, showing them how we are pushing the industry and letting them reap the rewards of our partnership.

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Sep 08, 2020