Preconditioning: The Three Pronged Prep for Feedlot Performance

Preconditioning calves is a broadly used term, but at its essence it means preparing calves to perform well in the feedlot. It not only reduces sickness and death, but gives cattle a foundation to gain at faster rates.

This is because calves that are preconditioned experience shipping fever and respiratory diseases at a much lower rate and are already acclimated to drinking water and eating feed from a bunk. 

Get ‘em feedlot ready

A good preconditioning program is achieved through a three prong approach setting calves up for success in the feed yard.


Wean calves at least 45 days prior to shipping, train them to drink water and eat a dry feed diet from the bunk.


Vaccinate for shipping fever, bovine respiratory disease, and other health challenges you experience in the fall. 


Show calves to fresh, clean water in a trough as soon as possible. Start calves on a good quality dry feed diet balanced for energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. 

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Consult with FBN’s nutrition team to sample your feedstuffs and balance the diet ensuring you are meeting nutritional requirements without overspending.

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Preconditioning calves prior to feedlot arrival increases the value of the calf and improves the quality of the overall beef supply chain by sending healthy, bunk-broke calves to the feed yard. 


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