Dr. Brian Dorcey, DVM

DVM and FBN®’s Head of Veterinary Strategy.

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Why Cattle Implants Pay

Implants are a great investment technology for cattle producers with one of the highest returns on investment. How do implants work, and how do they actually pay off in the long run? How Implants Work Implants are small pellets inserted into the ear of a calf that slowly release a growth stimulant

When done correctly, breeding cattle via artificial insemination (AI) can achieve successful conception rates. It’s important to be mindful of using the proper techniques and procedures for your AI program. Planning and setting up a proper estrous synchronization protocol in conjunction with CIDRs

In this educational webinar, Dr. Brian Dorcey, FBN®’s Head of Veterinary Strategy and Dr. Monty Kerley, Sr. Ruminant Nutritionist and Business Development discuss the best practices for grass turnout: Pasture Management {asture management can be affected by heat units and the amount of moisture, so

With breeding season upon us, cattlemen are asking themselves how to best take advantage of their breeding window. Understanding estrous synchronization in cattle and how to use it in your breeding program will help you set yourself up for success. For many, following an effective estrous synchroni

Transitioning calves from pasture to the feedyard can be a stressful process for cattle...but it doesn't have to be. Anything we can do to minimize that stress helps calves respond better to vaccines, stay healthy, and start eating feed sooner. Animal stress factors Some of the factors that contribu

Most cattle producers feed their cattle minerals but are they feeding the right ones? And how much should be fed? Dr. Brian Dorcey, DVM and FBN ® ’ s Head of Veterinary Strategy, specializes in cow-calf and feedlot health. He addresses some common questions and offers suggestions on what beef produ