Ask These 5 Questions Before Buying Seed This Year

Colin Pennington

Oct 16, 2023

Buying seed for next season can be a tricky process. You have to weigh performance and price for a particular hybrid or variety to make strong ROI-based decisions for your operation, but all too often you lack access to the critical data you need to make informed choices.

Here are five key questions you need to ask this year to make sure you’re getting the details you need to buy seed with your bottom line in mind:

1. How does this seed fit into your planting strategy?

Your farm and fields are unique, so you’ll want to buy seed that is well-suited to thrive on each unique acre of your operation. While it may make sense to plant one hybrid of corn on certain parts of your acreage, it may be best to plant a different hybrid on another field. Learning how seeds perform under conditions similar to yours can help you make the right seed-buying decisions. 

2. Do the seeds include the protective traits you need?

Understanding the cost of traits alongside seed performance can help you optimize your seed selection for net revenue, rather than yield alone. Ask yourself if the expected increase in yield by planting seed with a particular trait technology will outweigh the potential cost increase of doing so.

Look for overall profit potential in your seed selection, which comes from a combination of high yields (through high-performing genetics as well as trait technology) and reasonable prices.

3. Do the seeds align agronomically with your farm management capabilities?

Do you have the equipment and resources required to successfully plant, maintain and harvest the crops grown from the seeds you’ve selected? If not, you’ll want to consider adjusting your equipment and resourcing strategy for the upcoming season or purchasing alternative seed options. 

4. Are you considering genetic diversity across your farm?

By ensuring genetic diversity, you’re reinforcing the long-term viability of crops across your operation and supporting their ability to adapt to changing conditions, in addition to supporting future trait development. 

5. How does the seed performance potential compare to its price? 

You can easily view best-case scenario plot trial data from manufacturers, but you need to know how the hybrid or variety actually performs in the real world across thousands of acres. Not all seeds are going to produce the same yields at the same planting population, so you’ll need to evaluate planting variables that are going to work best for the seeds you buy.

When farmers contribute data to FBN®, all farmers in the network benefit. With precision data, farmers are able to review yield performance, seed performance, and optimal seed placement. Ultimately, that data helps farmers make better decisions for their operation.*

There’s a Better Way to Buy Seed

With the right tools in your hands and seed price and performance data contributed by thousands of farmers, you don’t have to keep buying seed the same way.

FBN Direct has a diverse seed portfolio that puts you in control of seed purchasing so you can plant what you want, when you want. With detailed tech sheets, transparent list pricing and a fast delivery process that delivers seed straight to your farm, FBN® helps you stay in control of profitability from start to finish. 

A free 1:1 consultation with an FBN seed expert is always just one call or one click away. Call (844) 992-0244 or click here to connect with a member of our team.

Here are a few ways to get started selecting your seed for next season: 

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Colin Pennington

Oct 16, 2023