Ask These 5 Questions Before Buying Seed This Year

Ask These 5 Questions Before Buying Seed This Year

Brian Paff

Nov 25, 2019

Buying seed for next season can be a tricky process. You’ve got to weigh performance and price for a particular hybrid or variety to make strong ROI-based decisions for your operation, but all too often you lack access to the information you need to make the right choices.

Demand more answers when making a big investment like this on your farm

Here are five key questions you need to ask this year to make sure you’re buying seed with your bottom line in mind:

1. How does a seed actually perform?

You can easily view best-case scenario, plot trial data from manufacturers, but you need to know how the hybrid or variety actually performs in the real world across thousands of acres.

2. How do you optimize planting population?

Not all seeds are going to produce the same yields at the same planting population, so you’ll need to evaluate planting variables that are going to work best for the seeds you buy.

3. Which seeds are the best fit for your fields?

Your farm and fields are unique, and you’re going to want to buy seeds that are well-suited to thrive on your operation. Learning how seeds perform under conditions similar to yours can help you make the right seed-buying decisions.

4. Are you paying a fair price?

Our U.S. Seed Price Transparency Report exposes how farmers are paying radically different prices for the same exact seed. Make sure you’re getting the fair price you deserve before buying seed.

5. Are you paying for genetics—or a label?

Companies regularly relabel seed products and sell the same genetics under a different brand name, which means you might be missing out on savings available to you. Find out if you’re able to find the genetics you’re looking for at a better price before buying.

There’s a better way to buy seed

We can provide insightful answers to these all-important questions. With the right tools in your hands and seed price and performance data contributed by thousands of farmers, you won’t have to keep buying seed the same way. Download our Seed Selection Playbook and find out how FBN can help you boost your ROI for next season.

Brian Paff

Nov 25, 2019