See Your FBN Direct Order History

Tracy Pell

Mar 27, 2019

When you make an order through FBN Direct, your order history will now be easily accessible through your FBN account.

Simply go into your account to see the full details of all of your past orders, including items ordered, payment, and total order amount with a breakdown of taxes and shipping costs.

How to Access Your Order History

Log into your FBN account and click on the FBN Direct tab at the top of the page. Then, at the top right of the FBN Direct homepage, click on the box that says "Orders."

Once you've navigated into the Order History page, you'll see all of the orders you've made with FBN Direct.

What's Included in Your Order History

You can find the date the order was placed, the full payment amount, payment method, and shipping address.

Click on the "Show Details" link at the bottom of each order to see the individual products, including quantity and price, in that order.

Tracy Pell

Mar 27, 2019