The FBN Intern Experience: An Inside Look

Sarah Mock

Sep 22, 2016

 Ever wonder what it would be like to intern at FBNSM? We asked our most recent class of interns who they found the experience. Here's what they said.

First, Brandon Caudell, a recent intern on the FBN Engineering team in San Carlos. He is currently a senior at Kansas University.

Mutian Niu was an summer intern on the FBN Data Science team, and is currently a grad student at the University of California - Davis. 

"I came to FBN because I knew they were making great use of data from farmers and helping farmers understand more about their fields and crops. It was my first industry experience, so I was a bit nervous before I started, but  my co-workers were all really friendly and helpful, not to mention that they are really smart and dedicated to their work."

"In my time at FBN, I worked on three different projects associated with weather, and not only were these projects really interesting to me, they were also important pieces FBN’s big picture."

"Right now, farmers are having a tough time because low commodity prices, and at FBN, we're helping farmer manage this in a lot of different ways, from basic analytics to seed intelligence to price transparency. I was able to participate in creating products that not only help farmers make wiser decisions in order to improve crop production, but also help them earn and save more money."

"Because I loved the mission, the work, and because I want to be part of making thse things happen, I decided to come back to FBN after finishing school. I have been studying/working in ag for more than ten years and I hope that joining FBN will allow me to use my knowledge to make meaningful contributions."

"I know that by the time I get back next year, FBN will have grown a lot. I am really excited to work with the data to help understand and improve the profitability of farmers. The best part of working at FBN was seeing that even a small change, a small step is making an impact. Nobody else has ever accomplished these things before, and at the core of all these projects is helping farmers. That feels great!"

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"FBN is an incredible company full of equally-incredible people. From the minute I arrived to my last day in the office, they made me feel welcomed and appreciated. When I first saw the title "start-up", there was a nagging fear in the back of my mind that the level of professionalism and knowledgeability wouldn't be as high as I wanted, but that fear went away almost immediately once I got there. The engineers on this team are brilliant in a wide array of topics, and getting to work with and learn from them was the best part of the job. Ultimately, when I received a full-time offer, it was their level of enthusiasm and competency that pushed me to accept.  There is not a single person in the office with whom I wouldn't be proud to say I got to work.""Of course, a great team is nothing without interesting projects to work on.  That's the other area where FBN excels: the software I got to work on this summer actually matters. I got to wake up every morning and be excited to go in to work, which is something that the majority of college students miss out on. The problems we solve are challenging and numerous, which energizes me as an engineer. The pay-off of knowing that my hard work will actually make a difference to real people is incredibly motivating.""I've interned at a few different companies throughout my college career, but the projects at FBN intrigued and challenged me in a way few other things had. At the end of the summer, it was extremely difficult to pry myself away from my work and head back to school, purely because of how much fun I'd had along the way.  I really can't wait to get back to FBN and pick up where I left off."

"I've been bragging to my classmates about my summer since I've been back, and they can tell from the way I talk about the company that it really is a special place."

Sarah Mock

Sep 22, 2016