Analytics in Big Sky Country - with Neil McCormick

Sarah Mock

Apr 13, 2016

Hometown: Cut Bank, MT

Education: Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA)

Agricultural Background: Grew up and worked on family’s farm implement business, cover crop consultant

Off-Farm Interests: Skiing, hiking, fishing, rafting, strumming guitars, and generally enjoying the Montana wilderness

Meet Neil McCormick, Lead for FBN Montana. Neil has spent his life living and working in Montana agriculture, and is excited to bring FBN technology to his home state.

After moving back home to work in the family business, Neil started exploring software solutions that would help his implement customers take advantage of their precision equipment. When he came across FBN, he was impressed not only with the insights it gave his customers, but also with the depth of the FBN team’s knowledge and experience in agriculture.

Not only is Neil passionate about helping farmers use their data to make better decisions, he’s also excited to see how FBN members could use the data to drive biologically-driven farming and good design in agriculture. Neil has spent a lot of time exploring resilient and innovative agricultural systems, while staying firmly rooted in the reality of profitably producing cash crops in the current agricultural economy. He’s interested in being part of experimental farming in Montana, where he sees a lot of potential for new crops and management practices to make farming more profitable, resilient, and productive for farmers.

“In a lot of ways, farming is a design problem. I came to FBN looking for a way to access more information to solve that problem. But being part of this organization takes that to another level, I’m not working on the design of one farm anymore, I’m working on improving the design of the whole industry.”

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Sarah Mock

Apr 13, 2016

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