Product Update: Yield Benchmarking

Dan Zook

Aug 17, 2017

FBN® Members can now benchmark their performance against a smaller radius of fields around their farm.

  • Using FBN Analytics, FBN Members can see how their yields stack up against thousands of other advanced farmers. This is not just field benchmarking; it is yield diagnostics in action.

  • Benchmark your performance against the average performance of similar farms in your county, region, or nationally and even against other dry-land or irrigated fields

    • Evaluate each field on more than 12 factors

    • Compare yields by nitrogen application, population, rainfall, hybrids, soil quality, rotation, tillage, and more

  • Previously, we defaulted 'My Region' to 100 miles and did not show the region size or number of fields/acres in the region. Members can now filter the benchmark in Analyze My Operation to either 50 or 100 miles. 

Members Click Here to See This Product Update In ActionWhat is Benchmarking?

What Exactly Changed? 

  • Additionally, members can now see a range of the number of acres and number of fields used to generate the performance averages they are benchmarking against (Note: We always show a minimum of benchmarking group of 1,000 acres and 100 fields to protect members' privacy).

  • Our members consistently tell us that it's difficult to interpret benchmarking without knowing how much data they are being benchmarked against and how close benchmarked fields are to their own farm. This change is a direct reponse to feedback from members.

Why did we do this and why is this important? 

  • Reducing the radius also addresses a common concern amongst members that FBN data is not sufficiently localized. For many members, a 100 mile radius is perceived as too large to be relevant. 

If you have any questions about this update, do not hesitate to contact us at 844-200-FARM. As always, thanks for being a member.

Members Click Here to See This Product Update In Action

Dan Zook

Aug 17, 2017