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How do I add input invoices into my account?

Apr 29, 2019

Adding your input (seed, chemical and fertilizer) invoices to your FBN® account is an important step towards optimizing decisions on your farm. You'll gain access to FBN Chemical Price Transparency when you upload chemical invoices and FBN Seed Price Transparency when you upload seed invoices.

When you share at least three recent prices per unit of measure for unique chemical products, you unlock Chemical Price Transparency. These prices can be from one or more invoices. All prices recorded for Price Transparency exclude rebates.

To unlock access to Seed Price Transparency, simply share at least one seed price for a specific product from a recent invoice.

There are three ways to add input input invoices:

  • Upload the invoice via the FBN App (Android/iPhone)

    • Open the FBN App

    • Tap Menu in the bottom right corner

    • Select Add Data

    • Select the box that says Contracts & Invoices

    • Option A - select “Photo” and take a picture of the invoice

    • Option B - select “Library” and select the photo of the invoice

    • Tap Submit at the bottom

  • Upload the invoice into your fbn.com account

    • Log in to fbn.com

    • Click Analyze at the top of the page

    • Click My Data on the left-hand side

    • Under Contracts & Invoices, click + Add New

    • Click Add File

    • Find and select the invoice file you would like to upload

    • Click Open

    • Once the upload is successful, you will see a box that says “Success,” after which you can close out.

  • Email the invoice

    • Compose an email or forward the invoice email to data@farmersbusinessnetwork.com

    • Enter your enterprise name into the subject line

    • Attach invoice to email (can be image, pdf, etc.)

    • Hit Send

Do you have additional questions?

Email support@farmersbusinessnetwork.com

Call or text +1-844-200-3276