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May 28, 2024

by FBN Network

To achieve optimal soybean yields, farmers need a focused plan for nutrient management. Some farmers fertilize corn for two successive crops, leaving soybeans to scavenge for the nutrients that remain. However, it’s important to consider what nutrients soybean crop will naturally get from the soil a

May 27, 2024

by Colin Pennington

Once a crop has emerged, there are additional foliar options that can help provide balanced nutrition and limit the impact of abiotic stress. Whether it’s the weather, stress from other pesticides or nutrient deficiencies that just don’t show until later, it’s equally as important to understand what

May 24, 2024

by FBN Network

The number of herbicide-resistant weeds continues to grow every year, putting crop quality and yield at risk. To date, there are more than 270 species of herbicide-resistant weeds around the world that impact a wide variety of crops. To proactively delay resistant weed development, farmers should pr

May 23, 2024

by FBN Network

Farming is an unpredictable business, and farmers are no strangers to the ups and downs of the market. While it's important to enjoy the good times, it's equally important to plan ahead in preparation for the potential bad times at your ag operation. Here are some recommended strategies to help proa

Because applying plant growth regulators can help diminish reliance on fertilizers and pesticides, they are popular for sustainable agriculture . In this post, we’ll cover: What Are Plant Growth Regulators?, 5 Types of Plant Growth Regulators, Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins, Abscisic Acid, Ethylen

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Is On-farm Grain Storage Worth the Investment?

May 17, 2024

by FBN Network

Many farmers utilize on-farm grain storage to store and preserve their harvested grain while waiting for optimal market prices and avoiding costly freight prices at busy harvest times. Why Do Farmers Invest in On-farm Grain Storage?  Farmers invest in on-farm storage for a number of reasons. First,

May 16, 2024

by FBN Network

You may have noticed more generic insecticide products available from your retailer in recent years. Crop protection patents typically expire after 20 years, which opens the opportunity to generic alternatives that are usually more affordable. However, the phrase “you get what you pay for” may have

May 10, 2024

by FBN Network

Selecting the right sprayer nozzle for your needs involves considering several factors to ensure effective and efficient application of liquids, such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. The right nozzle will help you achieve your desired application rate, droplet size, and coverage while min

May 09, 2024

by FBN Network

Tap into the combined intelligence of hundreds of millions of acres of precision data shared anonymously by thousands of farmers when you use FBN. Here are five free analytics tools from FBN that can help your planting: Soil Temperature Map, Soil Type Maps, FBN Seed Finder, Yield Potential, Norm, th