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Does anybody know of elevators/companies looking to purchase organic crops in the PNW?

Currently looking at some organic certified irrigated pivot ground to farm in the coming years and do not have much experience in the organic rowcrop field. I’m looking for companies that would be interested in contracting or purchasing organic crops from me (dry beans, sweet corn, field corn, specialty crops, fresh beans, etc) I am located in central WA state but would be willing to ship crops if the price was right. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Are you close to a rail car loading facility ? We use a lot of organic corn , wheat, soy, etc.., I am in north central Montana and currently truck, and rail, feed in from the Dakotas and even Iowa .

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Call Great Grains and ask for ***********. Also Perdue chicken buys organic field corn. Scoular grain is another one.