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Corn Harvest Progress Update - 9/19/19 (Poll Results)

In this week's poll, members reported solid harvest progress gains but compared to USDA's historical 5 year average, Indiana, Arkansas, Kansas & Illinois are starting to slip behind.

"0%, maybe in 2 weeks we'll start" - Kansas

"0%, corn just starting to dent" - Michigan

"0%, mid dough" - Michigan

"Nothing started yet" - Southeast Nebraska

What does your timeline look like?

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    Corn Harvest Progress Update - 9/19/19 (Poll Results)


Shannon Fong
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10/1/19 UPDATE: FBN ran an updated FBN Corn Harvest Poll! Check out the results here: https://www.fbn.com/community/thread/9bdf3e4d6aaecd5b

Verified FBN Member (IA)

Checked the corn in my fields today and am sitting with half milk line. Need another 30 days to hit maturity. Probably looking at Nov. before it will dry enough to start harvest.

Verified FBN Member (CO)

We are harvesting 11-12% dryland corn in SE CO. 2-3 weeks early. Weird year all around.

Verified FBN Member (IA)

No harvesting in East Central iowa

Verified FBN Member (NE)

1-2 percent I'm my area of SE Nebraska, some guys just picking dryland corners at about 24 moisture to get started. No major corn picking has happened yet. Seed Corn harvest is about half finished in Southeast Nebraska

Verified FBN Member (ND)

0% it will be late October and some might have to wait until March


Verified FBN Member (ND)

I hope you are right, I am wondering if some wont be harvested in June...

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