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Planting weather, drought

Where are you located, and how concerned are you about the drought, whether that means in your backyard or over the nation.

Personally, I'd rather plant in the dust, and hope for the rains afterwards. We seem to always get a much better crop when we aren't fighting compaction from too much spring rains.

Do you think the markets will try to rally some based on the drought as we get deeper into planting, or is there too many other bearish factors to keep the drought from being a big enough headline?

I realize any answer is all speculation, but it's fun to have the conversation, anyway!


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I’m located in central ar and have been ready to plant since the 15th or April and have been to wet to plant since with no dry weather in the forecast. My insurance cutoff is June 15 for soybeans. At this point I’m just hoping to miss rains and be able plant before cut off

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Northern IL, just had 3+ in and now we've got water standing in fields. Warm weather on the horizon will probably get thus area planted ahead of time.

I'm going to just throw a dart and say there is again record drought in TX, up through Neb and into Iowa, but north and east get enough rain do grow a decent crop.

I'm going to guess that a record SA crop and poor demand keeps corn repressed. ...


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Hey ****

Keep up the good videos, surprisingly I have many non farmer friends that follow you and they enjoy your STUFF. LOL. But I do too , watch every one of them, and love your passion as I do for the farm

About the drought, we are in a mild drought in lower SE ********, would have loved to start planting this week, but now it rains every day. Yes there are many factors in the markets. Al...