Heather Stone

I have a passion for proactively preventing accidents.  I’ve had varying experiences which range from  ~17 years in oil and gas to years as a EHS consultant.  During my time in oil and gas I have worked in various production and EHS roles. I have a Masters degree in Environmental Management and Industrial Hygiene.  I am a Certified Safety Professional. I started with FBN in November 2021 as a Senior EHS Analyst. It's a different role for me.  My role is to create,implement and maintain an EHS management database and develop metrics. I choose this position as FBNs mission and values speak to me as an EHS professional.

Jan 03, 2024

by Heather Stone

From the slip hazard of icy grain-bin ladders to trucks skidding on snow, winter can pose dangerous risks to people and equipment on farms. Winter incidents may include frostbite and hypothermia, falls, drowning in an unmarked body of frozen water that cracked, and equipment that doesn’t start easil

Oct 05, 2023

by Heather Stone

Despite the best safety precautions, farming leads to a significant number of accidents every year that can affect farmers' health, well-being and agricultural productivity. It's crucial to respond to these incidents swiftly and effectively to minimize injuries and prevent further damage. Create a s

Sep 06, 2023

by Heather Stone

Farming takes great planning, forecasting, research and hard work to maximize potential profit. Farmers face many hazards and risks during harvest. Farming safely requires a significant effort to ensure you go home unharmed to your family daily. Reducing Risk for a Safe Harvest As harvest gets under

Aug 14, 2023

by Heather Stone

Ranching and farming are physically demanding and rewarding occupations, but there are inherent risks when working with livestock. Large animals, such as cattle, horses, sheep and pigs, can be unpredictable and potentially dangerous if not handled carefully. Understanding the common risks and implem

Jun 15, 2022

by Heather Stone

Farming is a dangerous profession. It’s a high risk environment for children, young people and adults. While farms are both your workplace and your home, the thought of a child or young person getting injured or worse is unfathomable. That’s why it’s important to be proactive about safety on the far