Your Farm Can Be a Winner in Our First Annual HeROIc Harvest Awards

Brian Paff

Dec 17, 2019

AtFarmers Business Network℠, we value the strategies you put to work on your farm that take total profitability into account. That's why supply you with data-driven tools like FBN Seed Finder and FBN Savings Finder, deliver input savings through FBN Direct℠ and leverage data from millions of acres to help you analyze both price and performance metrics to maximize your ROI.

HeROIc Harvest Awards—Not Your Typical Yield Contest 

We're launching our first annual HEROIC HARVEST AWARDS to recognize farmers in the FBNnetwork who focus on the bigger picture—not "high yields at any cost" but rather all those intelligent decisions along the way that help you optimize performance and increase your profit potential.

Upload your harvest data and input invoices by January 7, 2020, for your chance to win one of our HeROIc HARVEST AWARDS.

Enter Your Operation Now!

HeROIc Harvest Award Categories

Top Yield Growth 

Recognizing farmers who saw a significant increase in their crop yield in 2019, compared to a two year average of crop year 2017 and 2018.  One National winner and one winner from each state with eligible submissions will be awarded the top prizes.

To qualify, simply upload harvest information for at least 80% of the fields in your operation for the 2017, 2018 and 2019 crop years.

County Champion

This award recognizes members whose 2019 corn or soybean yield exceeded the USDA yield average for corn or soybeans in their county. 

  • Prize: HEROIC HARVEST Commemorative Mug and Certificate

To qualify, you need to upload your corn and/or soybean harvest data for the 2019 crop year.

Top Return on Investment (ROI) for Seed

This award recognizes members who saw the highest return on investment from their corn or soybean seed in the United States in crop year 2019.  FBN will recognize 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place National winners from the U.S. and the top winner from each state with eligible submissions. 

  • National Prize: Trip for two to the 2020 Commodity Classic Show in San Antonio, Texas

  • State Prize: HEROIC HARVEST Commemorative Mug and Award Plaque

To qualify, upload both your 2019 harvest data as well as your seed invoices for the 2019 crop year.

Top 10 Savers on Chemical Inputs

This award recognizes members who saw the biggest savings on chemical inputs in crop year 2019 over the prior year’s purchase. FBNwill recognize the top 10 winners in the United States. 

Prize:Coupon good for $500 off a one-time purchase ($5,000 minimum) of any crop protection, adjuvant, biostimulant or fertilizer product(s) through FBN Direct℠ made between March 1, 2020 and August 31, 2020.1

To qualify, upload 2018 and 2019 invoices for product(s) purchased with the same Active Ingredient.

1Coupon code is good for one-time use and will be applied to one cart during the allotted timeframe. Available only whereFBNis licensed to sell products.

Download Full Program Details for Scoring and Rules

You have until January 7, 2020, to enter your operation in the HEROIC HARVEST AWARDS, so upload data to your FBN account now for your chance to win.

Need Help Uploading Your Information? 

We can give you a hand uploading data to your account. Simply contact your account executive or call (844) 200-FARM and we'll walk you through the process. If you've already uploaded the information requested above you're automatically entered in the HEROIC HARVEST AWARDS. Thanks for helping add strength to the FBN network!

Brian Paff

Dec 17, 2019