Do Biologicals Really Work? [Video]

FBN Network

Dec 23, 2022

This panel was originally presented live at Farmer2FarmerVI in Omaha, NE. Sign up to be first in line for Farmer2FarmerVII by clicking here. 

Times have changed for biologicals. Once thought of as just an option for organics, biologicals are now mainstream – used in both conventional and organic operations. Get the latest insight on the state of biologicals, learn how to determine if biological products could help and understand which biological products producers are finding success with.

Featured Speakers:

  • Neil McCormick: Global Product Development Manager, Biologicals & Adjuvants at FBN

  • Pat Duncanson: Partner, Highland Family Farms

  • Spencer Stensrude: CEO, Ag Ventures Alliance

  • Ben Pederson: Proprietor, Vital Grains LLC

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FBN Network

Dec 23, 2022

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