Farmland at Risk? New FBN Report Sheds Light on Future of U.S. Farmland Values

[Learn more about how the economic shocks of 2022 are affecting farmland values in our recent FBN® Research report. Unlock the free report today.]

Since 2020, U.S. farmland values have been increasing thanks to rising grain prices and low interest rates. Yet ominous warning signs surround us in today’s uncertain economic environment. 

Is farmland at risk?

The latest FBN Research free report, "Farmland at Risk: An FBN® Special Report," seeks to answer this question that's been top of mind for many farmers and other ag operation landowners.

Will recent market turbulence impact farmland values? 

According to the USDA’s recent Agricultural Land Values report, farmland values gained 12.4% in 2022 and are up a combined 20.2% over the past two years of bullish grain prices. (1)

At the same time, the U.S. economy is heading for turbulent times as stock prices swing, swelling housing prices reverse course, and 40-year high inflation forces the U.S. Federal Reserve to aggressively increase interest rates. The last time inflation was this high back in the 1980s (2), U.S. farm bankruptcies were widespread and farmland values plummeted.

Fortunately, while farmland as an asset class is also influenced by interest rates, it often has less connectivity to broader economic signals and can therefore be somewhat insulated from the stiff headwinds plaguing the U.S. economy. Recent data from the USDA shows U.S. farmland values actually increased 12.4% between June 2021 and June 2022, but the future of such values still remains uncertain.

As clouds loom over the U.S. economy, will they cast a shadow on the future of farmland’s impressive value growth to this point? Get insight from FBN experts in the latest FBN Research publication; unlock your free copy of the report today. 

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  1. USDA Ag Land Values August 2022.

  2. “Taking a look back at the 1980s farm crisis and its impacts”. Farm Progress, August 22, 2016.

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FARMLAND AT RISK: Will U.S. Economic Shocks Derail Farmland Markets?

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